Habeeb Kehinde Shopeju

Sometimes I'm a software developer who writes applications for the web and servers. Other times, I'm a technical content writer who writes tutorials or documentation to help other software developers. Every time, I'm an ambitious individual who pays attention to details, and is excited about creating stuff.

I relish the experience of being part of communities, working as a team and lending a helping hand to others. Hence, I currently serve as a core team member of the Developer Student Club FUNAAB and the Artificial Intelligence Saturdays, Abeokuta study group.

I'm always seeking new challenges, and I'd be excited if they come as a software engineering internship or a freelance technical content writing gig. You can check out my resume, or see the projects I've worked on.

Are you interested in the kind of content I produce as a technical content writer? Check out my writeups for LinuxHint, and Real Python. I also write often on various software development and digital signal processing concepts as I get to learn them.

Fun Fact: I don't cook a lot, but don't underrate my cooking skills. I'll blow your mind.

Got something you think I'd be interested in? Shoot me an email or contact me through the social media links in the footer.

Recent Blogs

Color Modes 101

7 minute read

A brief look at the major color modes used in digital image processing, their importance and use cases.

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A list of all the projects I have worked on; includes personal, group, open source projects and articles.

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